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VC 6300

VC 6300

  • HEPA 12 filter
    • Ultra fine dust retention, trapping dust mites & allergy causing particles. Retains even the smallest allergy-causing particles. The air blown out from the machine is cleaner than the air in the room.
  • Remote control on the handle
    • Suction power can be controlled from the handle with LED display
  • 360° EasySlider swivel bumper
    • A soft rotating bumper that turns 360° guides the vacuum around obstacles to protect objects from knocking and damage
  • Unique QuickClick system
    • The unique quick-change system makes it possible to change the nozzles with just a click
  • Stronger fleece filter Bag
    • Robust and tear-proof fleece type filter bag can handle 2-3 times more dirt than paper bags.
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