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How We Started Out

Daya Awana Industri Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Daya Chemical & Industrial Supply) started operation in year 1995 with its humble beginning in a small manufacturing scale.The company commenced its business activity as a service point in supplying cleaning detergent.Riding on the economic boom of the early 90s and with a continuous improvement and investment program, a new market strategy was established and made available the following years.The company expanded its operation in developing various cleaning solution including KARCHER machinery to cater different market’s needs and demands. The company is founded on our commitment to quality, best practices and innovation. We are on track to becoming the industry leader in supplying various cleaning solutions.Daya Chemical & Industrial Supply’s vision is to provide quality products and services that meet customers requirements with competitive prices.We have developed a direct portal with strong professional sales team to fully support and meeting customer’s requirements.

Our Company Vision


  • To be the reliable and trustworthy partner in the chemicals and cleaning supply industry.

  • To continuously optimize our customer business through our solutions, services and products.

  • To ensure the success of our company by consistently satisfying our customers, shareholders and employees.


  • To be the top leader in the cleaning industry while evolving into Malaysia’s dynamic progress environment.

  • To be a leading provider of cleaning materials while remaining competitive in domestic market.

  • To reduce customer complaints and negative feedback.

  • To be responsible corporate citizen while safeguarding the environment.

  • To enhance corporate strategies and strengths to further company’s growth and development.

  • Velocity and visibility of cleaning solution leader.


  • Well established / recognized by public and benchmark in cleaning industry

  • Good working environment with high productivity and good waste management

  • Advanced & excellent Management system


  • Manufacturing variety of cleaning products

    • Household Consumer, Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

      • Our Brand : SUPER A, GOOD TOP, FAST & SUPER TOP

      • Product types : 8 fields – 59 groups – 71 types of cleaning chemicals ( Hard surface care, floor polishing and sealing and not forgetting carpet care, air sanitizing and deodorizing, hand and body care, car care, laundry care)

      • 253 different packing unit

      • Production batch run : 200, 500, 1000, 3000, 5000 litre according to product type.

  • Branding and dealerships of cleaning machinery and tools

    • Authorised Dealership

      • Our Brand: KARCHER, DURO, CLS, AIRZONE

      • Product type: 12 category – more than 1000 variety of products (High pressure water pump / water jet, dust vacuum, floor scrubbing and sweeping, steam generator, carpet cleaning machine, stainless steel or fiber reinforced bin and receptacle, housekeeping trolley, washroom fittings and equipment, professional cleaning mop and dust control tools, glass cleaning and aerosol dispenser

      • Show room size: 4620 sq feet (3 lots of 22 x 70 sq feet shop)

      • Warehouse size: 40,000 sq feet


In these enlightened time, the cleaning business is often viewed as a dynamic chore and it becoming more demanding. We believe it is our mission to help mitigate the environmental impact of business and industry by providing our customers with reliable manufactured chemical products that fulfill both brand and technical requirements.We achieve this by working closely with customers to address their unique quality standard, cost and environmental issues. We strive to ensure that our operations and our products are meeting current market’s demands. We recruit and nurture the best talents to ensure a vibrant, customer oriented organization.Hence, we need to constantly upgrade ourselves and to expand our business operations in meeting the market requirements. We must also constantly seek our principles for close cooperation to meet market demand.We understand that the progress of our company is very much depends on the unfailing support and continuing goodwill of our customers.In view of the vast opportunities in Malaysia, Daya has set its goals to provide efficient and reliable service to our customers. We seek to grow together with our customers and suppliers. We set our vision to be a reputable cleaning chemicals and cleaning tools supplier in Malaysia in providing quality products and efficient services.


  • Cleaning detergents and industrial apply chemicals

  • Bins & receptacles, floor matting

  • Washroom acessories and hygiene dispenser

  • Mops, bucket and floor care chemical

  • Janitor cart and servicing trolley

  • Sales, spare part & services all kind of cleaning equipment

  • Floor scrubbers

  • Ultra high pressure water blasters

  • Hygiene paper and plastic

  • Personal care products and cleaning agents


  • Manufacturing and repackaging

  • Imports and exports

  • Branding and retailing

  • Distribution and stocklisting


  • Cleaning Contractors & Services

  • Dealers

  • Hotel/Resort/Apartment/Home Stay

  • Laundry

  • Car Wash Centre

  • Car Dealers/Car Accessories

  • Tint Services Centre

  • Hospitals/Clinics

  • Restaurants/Food Court/Café

  • Hardware Shops

  • Mosaic/Ceramic Retailer

  • Office Shop-lot

  • Schools and Institution

  • Petrol Station

  • Air-conditioner maintenance & services

  • Government Offices

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