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SuperA Mosaic Cleaner 3kg

SuperA Mosaic Cleaner 3kg


Super A Mosaic Cleaner 3 KG

Cement remover is more to remove dirt * cement effect * in the mosaic as a result of renovation work.

Usually the effect of cement is a lot in the porch area, toilet and kitchen because of the rough mosaic surface *.

*Method of use*

1. Can be mixed with water in a bucket. 1 liter of cement remover mixed with water in 2 liters *

2. Wash the dirt / dust in the mosaic first and wet the mosaic first

3.Pour in a bucket and make sure the cement remover is mixed with water

4. then focus the mop on the mosaic that has cement dirt. * mop repeatedly until it disappears * if not lost can be scratched using a rough object such as a rough brush and mop fly all the mosaics in that part

5. Leave for 4 minutes and rinse with water until clean

*Important notes*

-for cement dirt that sticks to the mosaic is very suitable for example in the toilet, porch . If the mosaic 2 feet of lightning is usually in the living room is not suitable

-Stay away from stainless still iron

-Wipe first if there is lump of cement

-Keep away from children2

-use gloves and face mask.



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