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Super A Collar Spray Cleaner 10 kg

Super A Collar Spray Cleaner 10 kg


Super A Collar Spray Cleaner 10 KG

✅Pour in bottle spray and spray to remove dirt on various surfaces.

For example, clothes, sofas, car seats, walls, kitchen, shoes, pans, car interiors, toilets and so on. In short, if you see dirt, try washing it.

✅No need to store many types of soap for various surfaces

✅Easy to use, just spray on dirty places on a dry surface, rub2 spoiled embroidered water and rinse.

✅Saves time and energy because stubborn dirt is easily removed.

✅ For heavy work, need to use suction machine after wash.

✅Affordable price.

*** ⚠️Attention⚠️ ***

Max. 2 units per Order ! Customers who wish to place order 3 units and above, please place another order.

(only 2 units per tracking number and we give free box for every order of 2 unit)


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