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SuperA Deep Double 10kg

SuperA Deep Double 10kg

RM 45.90Harga

Super A Deep Double 10 KG [ACID]

Super A Effective Cleaner for Mosaic Tiles, Toilet Bowl and Cement

- Penetrates effectively to remove stubborn dirt and grease, rust, algae, mould, and water marks.

Use instructions

- Using rubber glove if necessary.

- Wet mosaic floor / cement with water and apply some Mosaic Cleaner onto the floor.

- Spread it out gently with a brush.

- Leave for a few minutes and then scrub before rinsing thoroughly with water.

- For general cleaning, dilute with 10 parts of water. Use directly for heavy soil.

Buy 2 bottle foc box. For bulk purchase kindly please chat with seller first.

*** ⚠️Attention⚠️ ***

Max. 2 units per Order ! Customers who wish to place order 3 units and above, please place another order.

(only 2 units per tracking number and we give free box for every order of 2 unit)

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