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Super A Nano Shield( Marble)1 kg

Super A Nano Shield( Marble)1 kg

RM 250.00Harga

Super A Nano Shield (CERAMIC & GRANITE) 1 KG

Directions :

1. Clean the floor up and then dry it up naturally.

2. Spray the Nano shield on the floor (5-10ml/m2) Use 3M white pad fitted on the crystallization machine which runs 175 round / per minutes.

3. Rub it dry evenly, then it takes 1-2 minutes

If have dust then clean up and use Nano shield and repeat step 3.

Reminder: if the first time use Nano shield, it need to use 2-3 times normally. As result, the floor looks brighter

-Use dust mop to clean up and operation work is over


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